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Sunday, May 21st
Just a reminder that this Sunday we are having technique classes and rehearsals for all dancers who come on Thursdays.  This Sunday will take the place of Thursday, May 25th.  There will be no classes on Thursday, May 25th.  It is a travel day for D.E. Families and Teachers heading down to Anaheim early.  Sunday, May 21st is mandatory!  Schedule is attached with this email.

Monday, May 22nd
Master Monday Teacher will be our very own Desiree Gonzalez.  She will be back working on jazz technique with our dancers.  Dancers must be in class and rehearsals on Monday. 

Tuesday, May 23rd
Prop Loading at the studio will be next Tuesday at 6:00pm.  Please send any help and muscles you can rope up.  We started off with a lot of help in the beginning of the season but these past few times we have only had 2 or 3 Dad’s helping.  Hopefully we will have a better turn out this time.  Thank you in advance. 

**We are also in desperate need of someone with a truck to take the “Another Level” sphere to Anaheim.  We do pay towards the account of anyone who takes the prop for us.  If you can help please text Tyler at 559-623-2090

Showstopper Updates

  1.  We still have not received the schedule.  We are just as eager to get the schedule as you are and once we do receive the schedule it will be emailed out to you immediately.
  1. Dress Up Week- Let’s get excited for Mickey!!!  Starting this Sunday through next Wednesday will be Disney Dress Up week for Company dancers.  This is a tradition we have and we know how excited our dancers are to show their Disney spirit!
  1.  D.E. Sister- Don’t forget your D.E. Sister next week!  This is our last competition as an entire group so make sure to wish your “D.E. Sister” good luck.  If you are unable to bring your Sister a gift please let Sharesa know so we can make other arrangements.  We do not want any of our dancers feeling left out.

Company Pictures
Company pictures for Edge and Edge Kids will take place at the Visalia Studio on Thursday, June 8th and Friday, June 9th.  The picture schedule is attached with this email.  If your dancer is unable to make pictures please let the office know.  Dancers need to arrive 10min ahead of scheduled picture time.  Company dancers need to know ahead of time what their pose will be.  Please do not take buddy or individual pictures if you have no intention on purchasing them.  It only prolongs the schedule.  Thank you for your patience. 

Recital Tickets
Ok, we just want to make sure everyone is ready for recital ticket sales next week. Everyone should have received the recital packet with all the ticket information in it. Each recital has 2 shows, except for Visalia Show #2 (Level A) and there are plenty of seats for everyone. The Visalia shows have been split up differently so there is no rush to buy tickets. All the seats at LJ Williams are great! If you volunteer to work back stage in your dancer's class then you will not need to purchase a seat. Listed below are ticket highlights:

Ticket Sale Dates:
Monday, May 22nd at Noon for the Hanford Recitals.  

Wednesday, May 24th at Noon for all Visalia Recitals.

Ticket Price: $15 plus convenience fees by the ticket vendor
Tickets are sold only online at:

Tickets are reserved seating.

Search for Dancers Edge Recitals and select the recital of your choice.  
Tickets are non-refundable. Exchanges are allowed up until Friday, June 16th.
For online support, please contact Shovation at 1-844-RECITAL and press 1 or email  

June 26-29 Power Up Week
All dancers attending Starpower National Finals in Las Vegas must reserve the following week for Technique classes and Rehearsals.  This week is MANDATORY!  It is our only practice before we leave for Las Vegas.  Dancers Need to reserve the week of June 26-June 29th.  Schedule will be out shortly.

Account / Billing
A 10% late fee will be charged tomorrow for any account that has not paid Starpower National Final entry fees.  You can make a payment today at either studio or online at to avoid late fees being added tomorrow. 

2 Days in OC
Many parents are asking about “2 Days in OC.” This is a 2-day convention in Costa Mesa.  It is a smaller more personal convention that offers lyrical, jazz and hip hop.  They have an amazing staff which include: Mark Meismer, Erik Saradpon, Dee Caspary and Mandy Moore just to name a few.  We have quite a few of our company dancers going and we would love to encourage more of our dancers to go.  2 Days in OC is Saturday, June 10th and Sunday, June 11th. 

We know this is a busy time of year with school coming to an end however Company Dancers still need to make all their technique classes and rehearsals.

Congratulations to Company member Julia Williams for making the Fresno State Dance Team!  We are so very proud of you!  We can’t wait to see you at games in the Fall!

"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is a progress and working together is success." – Henry Ford



For a small studio, the competition team has successfully made a name for itself in the dance world. ... [and] has produced national champions.

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