Jillian Hampshire

Jillian Hampshire is teaching her first year at Dancers Edge but she is not by any means new to the studio! She started dancing here when she was 10 years old and although she stopped taking classes when she went into high school, she spent a lot of time at the studio helping where ever she could. When Jillian wasn't taking classes at DE, she was spending her time focusing on school and competitive cheer. She came back to Dancers Edge her junior year to take classes, but started assisting again her senior year as well as being a substitute dance teacher. Jillian has been a teachers assistant for 4 years, taking on several classes working with dancers ages 2-12. While working as a TA, she has found her passion, she absolutely loves teaching and working with kids! Jillian will be teaching Tot classes this year and she couldn't be more excited. She is looking forward to seeing what this new year will bring and she can't wait to see all of her tiny dancers again!

"Throughout my time at Dancers Edge, I have progressed so much as a dancer and have learned so much more than just dance steps. Being a teacher's assistant has taught me a lot about myself and has given me the responsibility and training I need to be a dance teacher. Dancers Edge is much more than a dance studio, it's given me a second family and has ignited my passion for teaching. I'm forever grateful to be a part of this dance studio and for everything it has done for me. I'm excited to begin my journey transitioning from a Teacher's Assistant to a Teacher and I'm looking forward to a wonderful year."


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Jillian Hampshire

"Energetic!!! Exciting
and challenging dance choreographed by enthusiastic, hands-on directors. Dancers Edge is recognized and has been awarded in numerous state and national competitions.
I am proud that my
daughter is a member
of the Dancers Edge."

- Elsa Lara


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