FAQ for Starlets

Q: What are Starlet classes?
A:Starlet classes are classes that we have created for dancers to work on technique all year round. These classes are non-recital. Dancers who want to participate in more recital routines have that option and cannot choose other recital classes to meet the company requirements. If these classes are cancelled for any reason, tuition will NOT be prorated.

Q: What fees are involved when a dancers is “on starlets”?

  • Tuition: Every member must pay a monthly tuition to Dancers Edge for their instruction
  • Entry fees: Each competition has a set price per routine per dancer that all participants must pay. Dancers who want to enter title or photogenic must enter them at the competition.
  • Traveling Fees: $30 per dancer per competition. This fee helps DE Dance Company cover the costs of processing entry forms, music editing, supplies needed, and teacher’s expenses for competitions.
  • Prop Fee: A choreographer may choose to have the dancers perform on or with a prop. This fee is divided equally amongst all dancers in the particular routine. Prices vary depending on the size of the prop, as well as the construction materials.
  • Handling Fee: Covers the cost of transporting props to competition if necessary. Includes Enterprise rental, gas, driver costs and supplies. This fee is applied at every competition and will be divided equally amongst all dancers. Dancers in routines without props are not required to pay this fee. Fee’s varies.
  • Choreography Fees: A fee is paid to the choreographer for creating a groups piece for the year. Prices vary per choreographer and routine. This is a one-time fee and due by October 1 for DE Staff members and is paid by cash only. Outside choreographers payment is due when choreography is scheduled to begin. These payments are made to the DE office staff so they can take care of the bookkeeping for the choreographer.
  • Costume and Rhinestone Fees: Every dance will have a professional custom made costume. The costume designers set a price for each routine that doesn’t include rhinestones. Upon design completion, a rhinestone fee is then added to each costume. These are 2 separate fees. To help reduce costs, parents are encouraged to apply rhinestones to their dancer’s costumes using E-6000 glue available at Michaels and Joann’s. Some parents may offer their services for a nominal fee.

Q: I’ve noticed private sheets on the bulletin boards… does my dancer have to take private lessons?
A:No. While private lessons can greatly benefit your dancer’s progress, they are optional to DE Dance Starlet members. All private lessons are paid directly to the teacher. If a dancer has an outstanding balance with Dancers Edge, they are not permitted to sign up for privates. Once a dancer has signed up for a private, they are responsible for the cash payment at the beginning of the private as well as the time commitment. Dancers who do not attend their private without a phone call will be charged for the missed private.

Q: If I already paid a choreography fee, why do I need to pay for a weekly rehearsal?
A: Weekly rehearsals are imperative to the success of the routine all year long. During these rehearsals, teachers are constantly making modifications to the routines to achieve a more polished look. In addition, judge’s comments are heard, understood and applied to the routines, so that the benefit of the competition experience is accomplished. We are always striving to improve the quality of our technique, skill and performance of our dancers.

Q: As a parent, can I pick and choose which competitions to attend?
A: No. Each dancer plays a vital role in the success and execution of each routine. Unlike baseball or other similar sport, there is not another dancer “on the bench” who can take your dancer’s place. Dancers and teachers are severely affected by a lack of commitment. Please refer to the list of excused absences in the Starlet packet. We will be really focusing on attendance this year. Dancers with poor attendance may be removed from competition routines. Excuses such as cheer, diving, musicals, track or any other extracurricular activities, which is not for a grade, will not be excused this year.

Q: I’m new this year, are there any helpful hints to making the year less complicated for me and my dancer?
A: Please keep a copy of the Starlet Packet on hand all year long and refer to it often when questions arise, If you have a question not answered in the packet, please see the front desk. Trust that the directors always have the best interest of your dancer at heart. They have many years of training, education and competition experience to provide your dancer with a quality foundation that will last them a lifetime.

Q: How important is attending weekly classes and rehearsals in the growth of my dancer?
A: Attendance is EXTREMELY important in the growth of your dancer. Critiques and changes to routines are made almost on weekly basis. Poor attendance affects the entire group spirit when one member isn’t as dedicated as the others. Bad attendance may lead to your dancer’s removal from team.

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