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Wednesday is upon us again Friends! And we can all say we’re officially on Summer Vacation from school!!! Woo hoo!!! But how are we still busier than ever??? Lol...We hope your family can find a little time to relax and enjoy each other:) Countdown to Recital has begun and we are too excited!!!! Comp kids always enjoy strutting their stuff for local audiences, and Recital parents always look forward to our award-winning routines!!!! Make sure you and your dancer have the schedule for next week and don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions:)

New Updates for the Week
• Thank you everyone for making our company pictures go so smoothly! Our Company dancers have it down and we loved ending early. Pictures will be in as quick as possible and you will be notified as soon as they arrive at the studio.

• The Show-Off Week schedule with Find You Again has been updated. Please take a look at it.

• Reminder: There are still regular classes next Monday & Tuesday at the studios.

• **Company Routines DO NOT need to come to any of the Tech rehearsals next week at the theater. We have had plenty of practice on stage. Tech rehearsal is for Regular Recital Routines only.

• SUPER IMPORTANT: All Company Accounts must have a zero balance prior to recital. We must close our accounts for the Season we are in. Please do not make us the bad guys! Show-off Week for those going to Showstopper Finals has been charged. Deadline to pay is the 14th.

• **New** Next year Visalia North will house all Edge routines. This includes the Hanford Teen & Senior Comp routines. We are merging Cutting Edge with Edge. We will still have a Hanford Starlet program but no longer Cutting Edge. Please think this over especially if you are not wanting to take all tech & rehearsals in Visalia.

Still need recital tickets? Click on the link below to purchase tickets.
Click on the link below to purchase tickets. Reserve seating only.

Fall Registration
Our Fall 2019-2020 Registration is now open! Dancers may enroll in non-company classes at this time. Dancers auditioning for Team will be automatically enrolled after auditions.

**Chapala’s Fundraiser for Sharesa**
Plan your dinner at Chapala’s for Tuesday, June 18th between 4:00pm-9:00pm. A portion of each bill will be donated to Sharesa to help with medical expenses. While she is doing much better, her fight is not over. Let’s give her all the support we can!

Edge Dancers: Summer Dates
Please reserve the following dates for mandatory summer classes if you plan on trying out in August.
• Co. B, F & Co. G: July 29-August 1
• Co. A, C/D, E: August 5-8
Schedule will be out shortly

Auditions for our 2019-2020 teams will be August 19-22 and August 26-29. Please reserve all dates.

Looking to TA this summer??
We are taking sign-ups for anyone interested in being a teacher assistant. Dancers must be a minimum of 12yrs old.
Please sign up at any of the front counters.

Summer Registration is now open!
Edge Kids dancers who plan on auditioning next season may go online and sign up for classes. Classes have been pre-approved so you will know your level. Dancers will stay in their same current level for summer.
Dancers auditioning for next year’s team must take summer classes!

35 days until DE will make its final Comp appearance at the Happiest Place on Earth!!! We’re thrilled to spend our last trip together with all our favorite “characters”;) Let’s make it extra special...start planning some fun for your little sister, matching shirts, girls’ night out, swimsuit madness, the possibilities are endless!!!!!  Might not be a bad idea to start packing costumes as soon as Recital is over...just a suggestion;)

Our “Daddy Duty Shoutout” this week goes to someone who isn’t nicknamed Grumpy, but you’d have to ask his wife & kids if he ever is...David Block, YOU ROCK!!! You’re an awesome dad with a super serious face, but we all know deep down you TOTALLY support Bryann and all the crazy ideas we have!!!! Here’s to a few Keystone Lights by the fire in honor of you!!!

"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is a progress and working together is success." – Henry Ford



For a small studio, the competition team has successfully made a name for itself in the dance world. ... [and] has produced national champions.

Amanda C.
San Diego, CA

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