Weekly Newsletter Updated 3/29

New Notes for the Week

WE MISS YOU!!! Not being able to see all our dancers smiling faces and giving them big bear hugs has been the hardest part of social distancing during our quarantine period. We truly love our dancers!

We hope that everyone is enjoying our pre-recorded classes and watching them on a
daily basis. Don’t forget to like our Facebook/Instagram page to enjoy “Live” classes with our instructors. More than ever our kids will need to get some exercise and physical activity. This is the key to staying healthy and happy!

DE is Going Live!
How will the live-streamed classes work for March 30- April 3?
Next week we will be Live-Streaming our current 2019-2020 schedule live for all our
students! These classes are included with your March Tuition so we hope all our students join in and try out their classes with their teachers.. All accounts that have paid March tuition will receive a personal meeting ID number 2 days prior to joining their classes next week.

Here is what you will need to do to join our classes on Zoom:

  • Download the Zoom Meeting App on your smart device.
  • On the day/time of your student’s class you will go into the Zoom app. On thehome page you will enter “join a meeting”
  • You will then enter the Teacher ID login # when your student’s class is starting.
  • You will then be entered in the class.
  • After launching the Zoom class, you will be prompted to join the room’s audio. Click “join audio by computer.” Then click “join by video” that way the instructor can see your dancer. If you are using an iphone and would like to see all the participants in the room, please swipe right.
  • Bam…..your student is in! It’s that easy!

The class will have students learning technique, fun across the floor steps, working on
flexibility, conditioning, reviewing recital routines and some fun extras….just as if they were in the studio classroom!

We hope you will love our Virtual program and continue to support DE….if so this is our plan for the month of April:

What about April Tuition?
We have created a new “DE Digital Dance” Season for each studio. The schedule for these classes are exactly like the current season we are in. For example, if your dancer is enrolled in Miss Holly’s Tuesday Jazz A Class at 4:00 PM at Pershing, you will see on your Studio director portal that your dancer is now registered in the same class at the same time for the Digital Dance season.

All students are currently enrolled in our “DE Digital Dance” season as of today and will be charged tuition for April…..however, If you choose not to continue “Online” with us for April, then log into your account on Studio Director ( www.dedance.com ) and simply drop the DIGITAL classes only by Saturday April 4 and you will not be charged for April. Please Note: Dropping from the “DE Digital Dance” classes will not affect your 19/20 regular classes. April tuition charges for the 19/20 season have been paused. Regular tuition rates will apply for those accounts dancing digitally online with us.

Plan on joining our Virtual “DE Digital Dance Season?”

Here is how to pay for April Tuition:
Families on auto-payment plans (SD Auto):
Each family will need to go online by April 6 10:00am and pay through our website
https://dedance.com to make a payment. Many of you are giving us permission to
charge via email, we appreciate your support. If you have trouble logging on to our
website try going through Safari or Yahoo. We do not feel comfortable charging any
SD Auto accounts for the digital dance season without an email consent.

All other accounts will need to pay online at https://dedance.com by Monday, April 6 at 10:00am to receive the “Class meeting ID #.” We will not be able to accept any cash payments.

Competition Dancers: Your monthly tuition has been adjusted to technique classes only. No rehearsals. Your new adjusted tuition rate is already entered in the “DE Digital Dance” April season.

What about the Recital/Production?
We at Dancers Edge are moving forward as planned toward an end of the season
recital/production to showcase our amazing performers and all of their hard work. These students deserve it! As we mentioned above, we will continue learning recital
choreography with the online classes and go from there. We have options such as
continuing classes into July and postponing to a summer recital, recording the recital
without an audience and live streaming it… We are researching options and will reassess in a month. We don't have to rush and decide now.

What about costumes?
All costumes have been ordered and we will continue to receive them as they come in.
We are planning a “drive thru” day at each studio so that way parents can pick them up.We can do private fittings for those costumes that arrive during our online class session or we can wait until classes resume in the studio. We will keep you posted with all the updates.

We would like to remind our Dancers Edge families:

  • Having our kids stick to their routine (even if their dance classes are now at home) helps reduce anxiety for our kids. We need to protect their mental health along with their physical health. We know personally many dancers are heartbroken knowing the high school dance shows, proms, school field trips, competitions and school all just got cancelled or postponed. It’s a huge blow for our children especially to our graduating seniors.
  • Your family has invested time and money into this training so please do not throw that away due to this event. We can continue training online and then resume back into the studio having progressed during this temporary situation.
  • There are some HUGE benefits of having class online such as you can access it any time. Not only that, they can access it multiple times a week! This is like getting many classes for the price of just one.
  • This small business needs your support during this trying time if we are going to survive and continue to be a fixture in this community once this passes. We have rent and other overhead expenses that have to be paid regardless, and our teachers sincerely need to continue working for their livelihood. We are thinking of this as we are opening new doors and new ways to educate and we are going to make it through this together!

Upcoming Ticket Sales
Listed below are “Beauty & the Beast” musical ticket sale dates and “DE is Out of this World” dance recital ticket sales. Please mark your calendar and much more information to come! All tickets will be purchased online through Shovation.com.
Reserved seating only. More information to follow.

“Beauty & the Beast” Musical:
Hanford Musical Tickets go on Sale: Tuesday, May 5th at noon.
Visalia Musical Tickets go on Sale: Wednesday, May 6th at noon.

“DE is Out of this World” Dance Recital:
Hanford Recital Tickets go on Sale: Tuesday, May 12th at noon.
Visalia Recital Tickets go on Sale: Wednesday, May 13th at noon.

Please make sure to notify the office if your child is going to be absent.
Continue to have your dancer practice at home and please let us know if you have any questions.

Studio Safety - We ask that you please be cautious when driving in and out of the studio. Be alert for dancers coming and going! We also ask that you respect our neighbors and do not park in front of their businesses. Reminder the front of the studio is a Loading/Unloading area!




Dancers Edge HANFORD: 559.585.8585 | VISALIA NORTH: 559.732.5327 | VISALIA DOWNTOWN: 559.802.3289