Aubrey Langer

Aubrey Langer has been a part of the DE family since she was just weeks old. Watching her older sister compete and train under Tyler and Marie inspired her to start dancing at the young age of 2. She continued on to train and compete under Dancers Edge in all styles for 16 years where she took part in numerous award winning routines. During her time at Dancers Edge she was exposed to many top artists and choreographers in the industry such as Shannon Mather, Keri LeGrand, Donna Shepard, and more. She was also invited to perform in Erik Sardpon’s annual showcase “Platform” in 2015 alongside the top dancers in Los Angeles. 

After graduating from Redwood High School in 2016, she attended the University of California, Berkeley where she stayed active in the dance community. She served as captain and choreographer of the Cal Dance Team and as Artistic Director of Thrive Dance Company: Berkeleys first contemporary dance group. Both of these opportunities gave her new perspectives of dance and expanded her knowledge on the professional and contemporary dance world.

Aubrey’s studies at Cal allowed her to obtain a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, with a minor in Dance and Performance Studies. These classes educated her on dance history, choreography, and theory which helped her enhance her own dancing and choreography. She took these new techniques and gave back to her hometown while still in college. Choreographing for her alma mater dance team, Redwood Dance Force, and teaching privates at the studio on extended vacations helped her maintain her love for teaching. She has now returned to DE to teach and inspire the next generation of young dancers. 

“I can think of nothing more honorable than to expose future dancers to the drive, and passion, this studio has ingrained in me. Teaching at the place that taught me everything I know is the most exciting thing, and I cannot wait to get into the classroom to start training with everyone.”



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