Holly Groom

Holly Groom grew up in Visalia CA and danced competitively with the award winning studio Dancers Edge for 12 years. Trained in ballet, jazz, lyrical, and contemporary, Holly earned titles of Miss Showbiz, national senior soloist at KAR in Las Vegas, and twice national senior soloist at Showstoppers in Anaheim. Holly was named a VIP for the Jump Convention and received honors and awards for Coastal Dance Rage, Nuvo, the Collective, and the top award for the So You Think You Can Dance Experience. After graduating high school, Holly moved to North Hollywood, completed the Performing Arts Immersion program at The Edge and then signed with Clear Talent Group to begin her professional career. She has performed at the World Dance Championships in Austin, Texas, the Capezio 125th Anniversary Gala in New York, and at Nygel Lithgoe’s Dizzy Feet Foundation Gala in Los Angeles. She has had the pleasure of working with Stacey Tookey, Shannon Mather, Lindsay Nelko, and Mandy Moore.

In 2014, Holly became a member of Talia Favia’s company, “The Difference Between” and served as Female Supporting Lead alongside Favia and Chaz Buzan in the company’s Hollywood debut. Holly has worked as teacher/choreographer at Simi Dance Center where she received awards for her choreography. After completing a Dance Teaching Certificate under the direction of professional ballet mistress Dora Krannig, she found it was time to move back to her hometown to continue her role as teacher and choreographer for the studio where her journey as a dancer began.

"While in LA, I was a part of the cutthroat professional dance industry, running from one audition to another, while also experiencing many other dance studios as a student, a teacher, and a choreographer. Through each part of my journey, it always seemed that something was missing. The more I thought about it, it finally became clear; Marie and Tyler and Beks had created something magical at Dancers Edge; something one of a kind; they created a family. A family who cried together, who worked together, who struggled together, and who won together. They created bonds that could never be broken no matter how far they stretched.

While living in LA I began to long for that family bond that so greatly impacted me. I wanted to connect with my students, teach life lessons, and be a part of something magical again. I wanted to watch my students grow into dynamic artists as well as genuine human beings, just as Tyler, Marie, and Beks watched me grow. I believe that returning to Dancers Edge will not only fill that void in my life and profession, but I will have the chance to follow in the footsteps of the amazing women who set me on the path to become the dancer, teacher, and person I am today. I look forward to continuing their powerful legacy as a teacher/choreographer and give back to the studio where I grew up. I can't wait to be a part of the magic that is Dancers Edge!"


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"Energetic!!! Exciting
and challenging dance choreographed by enthusiastic, hands-on directors. Dancers Edge is recognized and has been awarded in numerous state and national competitions.
I am proud that my
daughter is a member
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- Elsa Lara


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