Jill Hackbarth

Jill Hackbarth has been involved in theater either on stage or behind the scenes for twenty years, studying dance for fifteen and spending the last twelve as a makeup artist. Her love for theater makeup began at an early age when a makeup artist at Enchanted Playhouse Theater took the time to teach her character makeup, sparking an interest which was nurtured further when she entered the modeling industry at sixteen. Booking photo shoots and fashion shows allowed her the opportunity to gain practical knowledge and experience from a variety of skilled artists from New York, Los Angeles, Long Beach, San Francisco, Fresno, and Visalia. When not on the runway or in front of a camera, she was near the makeup artist, learning. Training on the job with professional artists and spending hours studying techniques, she cultivated a talent she has used in many areas of the theater and beauty industry. Her favorite place to work remains in theater — collaborating with the cast, crew, and students to create meaningful, artistic experiences for the community, and building new friendships along the way. Jill loves the transformative power of makeup artistry, whether it’s helping actors embody their characters and bring them to life before an audience, or inspiring confidence in her clients. Her goal is to inspire creativity and provide students with clear instruction in achieving basic and elaborate concepts all while having fun in the art of makeup.



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Jill Hackbarth

"Energetic!!! Exciting
and challenging dance choreographed by enthusiastic, hands-on directors. Dancers Edge is recognized and has been awarded in numerous state and national competitions.
I am proud that my
daughter is a member
of the Dancers Edge."

- Elsa Lara


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