Stephanie Gonzalez

Stephanie began her wonderful journey of dancing at the age of three. She has been technically trained at the award winning studio Dancers Edge, under the instruction of Rebekah Meinert, Tyler Grant, and Marie Barlow, for fifteen years. Stephanie has trained in all styles of dance and has been on Dancers Edge competitive team since she was five years old, winning many overalls and judge's choice awards. Stephanie has worked with many amazing choreographers such as Blake McGrath, Shannon Mather, Erik Saradpon, Patrick Pulkrabek, Mark Galvan, Donna Shepherd, and So You Think You Can Dance season 7's Ashley Galvan. She was also casted into Erik Saradpon's annual Platform showcase. As Stephanie grew older she began to assist many of her instructors, which inspired her into being one as well, at the age of 17. As her love for dancing and teaching grew she decided she wanted to move to Los Angeles to broaden her dance career and to share her technical aspects with other students. She is now represented by one of the top agencies, MSA Agency. Stephanie is very excited to share her passion and technique with the students of Dancers Edge.



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"Energetic!!! Exciting
and challenging dance choreographed by enthusiastic, hands-on directors. Dancers Edge is recognized and has been awarded in numerous state and national competitions.
I am proud that my
daughter is a member
of the Dancers Edge."

- Elsa Lara


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