Important Things to Know

Communication: Dancers Edge communicates all new information through our website and via e-mail for our “Weekly Wednesday’s”. Our website has all the updated forms, schedules and events. We also put all notices on our DE Bulletin board located in the studio. We try our very best to keep all clients informed of the daily occurrences at the Dancers Edge.

Viewing Days: The first week of each month is viewing week with the exception of September, January, April and June. Parents are able to see the progress your dancer is making each month. December 17-21 will be the annual “in house” mini showcase. This is where the parents are invited into the classroom to see a mini presentation that the students and teachers have created.

Tuition and Financial responsibility: Tuition prices are based on a yearly tuition. The yearly tuition is broken up into 10 monthly installments. Therefore, tuition stays the same each month regardless if the month has 3 or 5 weeks of classes. We do not pro-rate, refund, or give discounts for any missed classes or seasonal breaks.

Tuition is due promptly on the 1st of each month. A late fee of $25 is automatically added to all accounts owing tuition on the 8th of the month. The studio does accept: Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover. Check and cash are also accepted forms of payment. A $25 fee is added to all bounced checks. Statements will only be passed out in class or mailed to your house if tuition is late. On the 15th of the month services are suspended until tuition is paid in full.

Missed lessons: Any missed class may be made up in a similar level within one month of the missed class.

Recital Costumes: A costume fee of $95 per routine is due November 15th . Recital confirmation forms are sent out in October to see if dancers are interested in participating in the recital. Recital is voluntary, not all students have to perform. *NEW* All checks and credit cards will be processed before we leave for the winter break. Any costume not paid by December 8th will not be ordered.

Recital/Production: Our annual recital will be held in June. It is a wonderful and rewarding event for the dancer to showcase their talent. Both studios’ recital will be held at the amazing LJ Williams Theater.             

Production Dates: June 8-13
Recital Dates: June 17-20

Thank you and welcome to Dancers Edge.








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